Where to stay in Miami?

To book your plane ticket to Miami , there is French Bee and that’s a sure bet! But once there, do you know where to stay? Whether you want to book a hotel or an apartment, you may find yourself lost in the different areas of the city. Fortunately, French Bee comes to your rescue and reveals the atmosphere of each neighborhood so that you can easily find where to sleep in Miami .

Stay close to Miami's most beautiful beaches

One of Miami's main assets is undoubtedly its magnificent sandy beaches bordering a warm turquoise sea. To get from your room to the beach in just a few minutes, turn your search for accommodation to the Miami Beach district. Its Art Deco buildings add to the district's charm, and you'll find everything you need on site: restaurants, bars, boutiques...

To combine a day at the beach with a wild night out, choose the area around Ocean Drive and South Beach, located on the south side of the Miami Beach peninsula. It's here that you'll find Miami's distinctive atmosphere. Fans of Scarface and Vice City will be delighted by their stay near South Beach. Finally, if you're looking for a place to stay in Miami with your family, head for North Beach, which is much quieter at night.ami

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Where to stay in Miami for a business trip?

Most of Miami's businesses are located in Brickell and Downtown. If you're in Miami to do business, you'll want to stay in one of these two areas. You'll find hotels of all standards, from palaces to motels. If you prefer to stay in an apartment, you'll also find plenty of complete units for rent. These neighborhoods are also home to most of the city's shopping malls and museums.

Little Havana: from Miami to Cuba, there's only one step

Wondering where to stay in Miami to enjoy a unique atmosphere? If so, head for Little Havana, the city's Cuban quarter. In the evenings, you can enjoy the festive atmosphere of the place, savoring a Cuban meal before swaying to salsa or Latin music. And for a truly unique cultural experience, don't miss the cigar factory!

Lodging in Miami's Wynwood artists' district

Once a notorious district, Wynwood is now a veritable open-air museum where street art is king. Now quiet and pleasant, it's an ideal base for aesthetes and art-lovers of all kinds. You'll find a rich and lively nightlife here, as well as numerous designer and artisan boutiques. As far as accommodation is concerned, there aren't many hotels in Wynwood, but you'll easily find an apartment to rent.

Taste the bohemian life of Coconut Grove

Do you love history and wonder where to sleep in Miami? Then set up camp in Coconut Grove. This historic neighborhood is the city's oldest. It was here that hippies gathered in the 1960s. Since then, the area has developed a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere that attracts many artists.

Now that you know where to stay in Miami, select the low-cost flight of your choice on the French Bee website and fly off to paradise!

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Questions fréquentes

Where's the best place to stay in Miami?

There are many places to stay in Miami, depending on your taste and budget. If you're on a budget, there are plenty of inexpensive hotels in and around downtown. If you prefer more luxurious accommodation, there are many luxury hotels along Miami beach.

What's the difference between Miami and Miami Beach?

Miami is a city in South Florida, USA. Miami Beach is an island a few kilometers south of Miami.

What are the best neighborhoods in Miami?

There's no clear-cut answer to this question, as personal tastes and preferences come into play. However, some Miami neighborhoods are more popular than others, notably South Beach, Downtown, Wynwood and Coral Gables.